- Model LT15 Series - Professional Sawmill



The LT15 Series offers Wood-Mizer performance (proven in more than 50,000 sawmill installations worldwide) in the most affordable package yet for a serious production mill. Using the same blades and blade guide systems as the larger models, this compact powerhouse can cut logs up to 70cm in diameter and 5.4m in length in its standard form. Extra bed sections are available which allow virtually unlimited log length. Whether used for cutting high quality hardwood lumber for fine cabinets and furniture or for sawing a few trees around the farm for buildings and fencing materials, there is no better sawmill for the money than the LT15. The LT15 Series is most commonly bought by farmers and estate owners for converting small volumes of their own timber for local use, but is also used in commercial sawmilling operations.

  • Max. Log Capacity
    • 70 cm dia.
    • x 5.2 m (2 segments 2.7 m each)
    • x 5.4 m (3 segments 1.95 m each)
    • x 7.9 m (3 segments 2.7 m each)
  • Log Handling : Manual (Cant Hook)
  • Head Drive : Manual Feed and Power Up/Down
  • Power Options :
    • 10 HP Diesel
    • 18 HP Gas
    • 7.5 kW Electric
  • Standard : Roller Blade Guides
  • Typical Options :
    • Cant Hooks
    • SW Setworks
    • Debarker – AC models only
    • Loading Ramps
    • Trailer Package*
    • Bed Section: 1.95 m or 2.7 m

  • Head Feed:
    feed is by our well proven hand crank system allowing precise control of the cutting speed.
  • Up/Down:
     all LT15's now come equipped with power up/down as standard.
  • Large throat capacity: 
    allows cuts up to 64 cm wide.
  • The LT15 blade guides:
  •  are the same as those used on all Wood-Mizer mills.
  • The LT15 clamping system:
  •  enables you to cut within 2.5 cm of the bed.
  • For maximum blade stability,
  •  the manual blade guide arm is easily adjustable from the operator’s position.
  • Semi-cantilever head:
  •  with out board roller support) lowers both cost and weight.
  • Quick-detach Head/mast:
  •  to reduce lifting weight.
  • Twin-rails:
  •  that rest on the ground, with integral levelling system.
  • Each bed section:
    has four integral levellers for quick set-up.
  • Loading ramps:
  •  and cant hook come as optional accessories.

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