- Model LT20 Series - Professional Sawmills



With the flexibility to tackle demanding jobs, the LT20 Series is the first in Wood-Mizer's range of mills to feature the cantilevered head design, which allows fast, accurate set-ups, even on uneven ground. Power feed and up/down movement of the head are included as standard, further increasing productivity and control of the cutting process. The wellproven single rail design of the bed provides rigidity and strength and easy access to the log for handling.

Optional manual/hydraulic log loading makes loading even the largest logs safe and easy, and the addition of the optional winch-operated log turner facilitates the handling of large logs on the bed.

The LT20 Series is ideal for start-up businesses, small workshops, individual projects and business operations who want an efficient, flexible and productive sawmill but do not need the larger volume capability of the LT40 and LT70 Series.

  • Max. Log Capacity :
    • LT20S: 80 cm dia. x 4.8 m
    • LT20M: 80 cm dia. x 6.1 m
    • LT20L: 80 cm dia. x 8.4 m
  • Log Handling : Manual/Hydraulic
  • Head Drive : Power Feed and Up/Down
  • Power Options :
    • 22 HP Diesel
    • 25 HP Petrol
    • 11 kW Electric
  • Standard :
    • Electric Blade Guide Arm
    • Roller Blade Guides
    • SW Setworks
  • Typical Options :
    • Manual / Hydraulic Log Loading
    • Winch Turner
    • Debarker
    • Trailer Package
    • Bed Extension: 1.8 m or 3.6 m or 7.2 m

  • Cantilevered head:
    Assures fast setup, easy levelling, and accurate cuts.
  • Carriage height:
    Powered positioning of the head is standard on the LT20 Series and gives fast and accurate cutting dimensions.
  • Main bed torque tube:
    The same frame used   on all Wood-Mizer professional sawmills.
  • Four main bed supports:
    Adjustable to assure accuracy.
  • Electric Blade Guide Arm:
    Easily operated from the main control panel. 
  • Heavy-duty adjustable board supports:
    Supports swing out from the main bed rail to help hold long cants, beams, or boards on a flat plane while cutting.
  • Main rails:
    Induction-hardened, precision steel rods welded to the top and bottom of the 10cm x 20cm torque tube of the main frame.
  • Stainless steel bed sleeves:
    Protects the saw bed from wear and also prevents staining of hardwoods.
  • Large throat capacity:
    Allows cuts up to 66 cm wide.
  • Water lube system:
    Keeps the blade in optimum cutting condition.
  • Side support:
    Manually adjusted side supports help to secure the log during cutting.
  • Trailer package:
    Includes adjustable outriggers as standard with fully complient trailer specifications.

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