- Model Pro 20 - Firewood Processor


Our mid-grade yet powerful Woodbine bar-and-chain model, the PRO '20' cuts logs up to 20-in. diameter and comes mounted on a tandem-axle trailer. At half the price of comparable firewood processors, the PRO is one of our most popular models and offers unbeatable simplicity and ease of operation. Now featuring a 60 HP Deutz diesel, this machine’s ready to process an amazing 3-4 cords of wood per hour, maximizing your profit margin. Ready to blow away the competition?

  • Engine: 60 hp 4 cylinder D2011 Deutz Diesel
  • Cutting system: .404 Oregon harvester 18h, electric bar oiler system with reservoir
  • Conveyor: standard 24' (included in price)
  • Trailer: dot certified custom Kaufman trailer with full light and brake package
  • Splitter: 4.5' customer made cylinder with 24' stroke, 25+ ton of power, eight way wedge.
  • Wedge: fully adjustable hydraulically
  • Hydraulics: Sauer Danfoss vales and motors with Permco Pumps
  • Live deck: standard, 12', powered
  • Splitting system: electric-over-hydraulic with push button activation, emergency stop and jog feature
  • Hydraulic cooler: standard
  • Capacity: 20' diameter x 24' long pole wood maximum

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