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- Wood Integrity Testing System


The WOODPECKER is a professional, non-destructive tool for testing wood. The WOODPECKER measures the integrity of wood, specified in the number of millimeters that the striker pin has invaded the wood. This integrity gives an indication of the density, quality and load bearing capacity of the examined wood. The WOODPECKER can test e.g. foundation piles, bridges, railways, utility poles and wooden playground/climbing equipment. Application areas with the WOODPECKER Forest model also include quality control for tree farming, forest management, timber classification.


  • Non-destructive wood integrity testing tool.
  • Optimized against water, humidity, soil, and dirt.
  • The WOODPECKER can be recalibrated.
  • Striker pin with diameter of 5 mm. Forest striker pin with diameter of 2.5 mm.


  • The WOODPECKER is provided with a wear indicator which reminds of replacing the striker pin in time. This is why, measurements remain accurate even after long and intensive use of the tool.
  • Thanks to minimal back-firing, measurements can be reproduced optimally.
  • Easy to use; also designed for use in crawl or damp spaces.


The test consists of injecting a spring-loaded steel striker pin in the wood. The tester is first loaded and then pressed firmly against the wood surface to be tested. When the red trigger is pressed, the striker pin is propelled into the wood. A scale on the striker pin itself gives the depth of penetration in millimeters, and this is also shown on the display.


Measurements can be compared with any protocol reference tables, in order to give an insight upon the density and quality of the wood. The striker pin is equipped with a wear indicator in order to maintain it's punctuality. The wear indicator indicates when the striker pin has to be replaced.

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