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- Harvester Head

The WOODY unit is suitable for both harvesting and processing alternatively, as well as purely a harvesting unit on a pick up loader. With its grab action, the WOODY can load and stack timber as well as prepare it for easy transport by hauling cable/skyline.  The unique and patented frame geometry of the WOODY makes the processing of foliage, trees and crooked timber possible.  The WOODY can be used in combination with an alpine harvester or harwarder (a combination of harvester and forwarder), a walking excavator type harvester as well as more commonly found dedicated harvester units and tracked excavator based harvesters.

The WOODY's retractable, upward folding feed rollers allow it to be used as a fully functional loading grapple with wide opening and endless rotation at the flick of a switch, allowing the handling and loading of multiple logs.

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