- Model 11B - Foliar Fertilizers



Liquid boron fertilizer for the safe treatment and the prevention of boron deficiency.

The WUXAL Liquid and Suspension technology has been developed to offer our customers state-of-the-art products with the following advantages:

  • Safe and effective.
  • Several products with pH control / buffering effect to ensure that the spray solution has the correct pH.
  • Super-Chelation to make nurtrient elements in the spray solution more readily available to the plant.
  • Compatibility with most pesticides.
  • Nutrient elements fully soluble and immediately available to the plant.
  • Simple volumetric dosage and application.
  • Extremely low biuret and chloride content.
What Makes a WUXAL Suspension Different?
Highly concentrated formulation

WUXAL Suspensions offer a maximum of nutrients with a minimum of volume because of the higher total concentration.

Benefit: High concentration of nutrients. The formulation economizes transport and storage costs.

Moreover, WUXAL Suspensions owe additional advanced features which lead to higher absorption rates and higher efficiency:


Anti-evaporants prevent the micro-droplets from evaporating before they reach the leaves.

Benefit: Quick absorption and higher application efficiency


Optimum leaf adhesion prevents the nutrients from being washed off easily by rain or overhead sprinkler irrigation.

Benefit: No loss of nutrients       


Even distribution of the spray solution on the leaf.

Benefit: Better coverage, better efficiency of foliar fertilizers and pesticides


Re-activation of the dried residual deposit.

Benefit: Longer absorption time means improved absorptio

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