WYLIE & Son, Inc.

- Model 1600 - Single Axle Spray Trailer



There is much more to the Wylie 1600 Spray Trailer than just size and capacity. The Spray Wyng II boom builds on the proven durabilty of the Spray Wyng, but with additional features. The Spray Wyng II features a 15º tilt to clear obstructions, an auto-reset air shock breakaway, and 'All-Directional' suspension to protect the boom. The parallel linkage 'Hi-Lift' raises the boom from 2' to 7'. The 60' Row Wyng boom is designed to tilt 15 degrees and fold each wing independently over rolling terrain and around obstacles. Wylie's new 1600 Ag Sprayer is what larger producers need in today's fast paced farming operations. The capacity of the 1,600 gallon tank coupled with a 60', 80' or 90' Spray Wyng II boom allow the operator to spray more acres in less time than ever before.

  • 1,600 Gallon Tank for Large Spray Booms and Large Acreages
  • Choose From the 60', 80', or 90' Spray Wyng II Boom, the 60' Row Wyng Boom
  • 100 gallon Fresh Water Tank, 15 gallon 'Handler™' Mix Tank
  • Optional Foam Marker or GPS System
  • Loading Stand Easily Services Side Fillwell on Tank
  • Loaded With Features To Provide A Complete Spraying System

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