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The PivoTrakr sprayer is the latest development of quality sprayers from Wylie Mfg. The most striking feature of the PivoTrakr sprayer is the mid-mount boom and the gooseneck hitch. The mid-mount boom allows the operator to see the performance of the whole boom without any hidden nozzles. The mid-mounting also makes it easier to spray to the end of the row. The PivoTrakr features a 1,250 gallon spray tank as well as a 100 gallon fresh water tank. The PivoTrakr can be equipped with a 100', 90', 80' or 60' boom. 149R46 tires are standard, but optional 24.5x32 high flotation 'Diamond Tread' tires are available as well. The PivoTrakr is equipped with a 15 gallon Handler™ mix system which features a venturi that draws the chemical in downstream of the pump. The Handler also features a built-in knife to puncture and cut the chemical jugs allowing the chemical to flow out of the bottom of the jug.

  • Mid-Mount 100', 90', 80' or 60' Boom
  • 1,250 Gallon Spray Tank
  • 100 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 15 Gallon Handler™ Mix System
  • Raven 450 Controller, GPS Ready
  • Ace 304 Hydraulic Centrifugal Pump

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