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Model XCEL - Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders


The Hi-Spec Xcel 1250 rear discharge spreader has built a solid reputation since its launch in 2004. Initially used on Irish and UK farms it has found new markets around the world. The 2nd generation of the Xcel 1250, developed throughout 2012, features many tweaks and improvements based on our customer's feedback and experience

The redesigned XCEL 1250 retains the patented and proven chain flail and spinning disc spreading system and has being refined to improve both the spread pattern and adjustability. The spreading system can handle a number of different materials including farmyard manure, chicken manure, compost and sludgecake. The chain flails allow a greater capability to handle foreign objects in the manure (stones, cement blocks etc.) than auger type machines. The XCEL gives a very even spread pattern in excess of 16 metres and 20 metres plus with some materials. .

The XCEL 1250 uses marine type double floor chains to convey the manure. The marine chain allows the XCEL 1250 to work very well with all material types, both wet and very dry and provides a steady flow of material to the flails and spinning discs.

The XCEL 1250 is a high output machine intended primarily for contractor use. The redesigned XCEL 1250 features curved body sides which increase the internal volume without increasing overall width and allow for a loaded capacity of 12 tonnes (depending on material) and a typical spreading time of 3-5 minutes. The XCEL 1250 is designed to ensure maintenance is quick and easy with a central greasing point for the rotor bearings, an automatic oiling system for the rotor drive chain and easy access to all other greasing points.

The original XCEL 1250 has been popular with customers all over the world for its excellent spread and high output, the new generation XCEL 1250 builds on this success.

The following equipment come as standard with the XCEL manure spreader:

  • Large tyres (580/70R38)
  • Slurry Door
  • Slurry Door Height Indicator
  • Automatic Chain Oiling
  • Override switch for chain and slat floor flow control
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Breakaway safety handbrake
  • Inspection ladder
  • Tail lights and traffic indicators with covers
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • Heavy duty 16mm chain and hard wearing HARDOX flails
  • 960mm diameter spreader discs with shear bolts
  • Heavy duty fully welded construction
  • Shot blasted to give well bonded long lasting paint finish
  • Angled sidewalls to assist loading
  • Handles all manure types and other materials
  • Manual floor chain tensioning

Optional Extras:

  • Automatic floor chain tensioning
  • Chicken / light / dry manure spreading discs

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