- Model XC - Parallel Parlor



The BECO XC Parallel is a proven parlor system designed to provide optimum cow comfort in a heavy duty parallel milking parlor. The XC Parallel is also designed for ease of operator use and minimal maintenance requirements. When fitted with BECO milking automation, the XC Parallel parlor system is very practical and economical to maintain while providing optimum cow comfort. The BECO goal of good cow milking is designed into every aspect of the XC Parallel and BECO milking automation.

Cow Comfort
The “front-forward design of the BECO XC Parallel front ends gently eases the cows back to the operator for milker unit attachment. Stall weight and gentle air pressure applies indexing force to the cow brisket area and not forcing pressure on the cow front shoulder joint bone. Simple air bags provide gentle controlled cow indexing when necessary.

The stall front ends move forward and up for cow release. The sequence gates also move upward with the stall front ends for easy cow exit without the possibility of cow injury on sequence gates and posts that are part of the cow platform.

Extreme Durability
The BECO XC Rotary parlor is constructed using large structural steel beams which are hot dipped galvanized for long dependable life. This construction allows a clear span across the operator parlor with no overhead beams or structures to interfere with air movement or lighting.

Operator Comfort and Convenience.
A complete operator control panel button set is located at each three to five stall sections of the BECO XC Parallel. This makes indexing, cow release, and cow entry convenient from any location in a large parlor. The reliable and proven BECO Nexus automation provides a display of cow milking and pulsation monitoring at each stall.

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