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Everywhere at less than 14psi, the right tire for your soil and profitability. MICHELIN XeoBib functions at its best at very low pressure (less than or equal to 14 psi) with the sidewalls offering high flexibility while remaining very strong. Your benefit: a considerable reduction in ruts and compaction thanks to a larger footprint and better load distribution.

Greater Savings


The larger footprint sharply increases the MICHELIN XeoBib tire traction, thus reducing the amount of slip and therefore your fuel consumption.


Thanks to its excellent traction, MICHELIN XeoBib enables you to work on difficult land. With the reduced amount of slip, you reduce your work time and therefore save money!

Greater Safety

Greater load capacity (1)

Thanks to MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology, compared to a standard tire with an equivalent diameter and constant pressure, the MICHELIN XeoBib tire offers up to 40% more load capacity than standard technology tires.

Better handling both in the field and on the road (1)

On the road, MICHELIN XeoBib tires not only offer remarkable driving comfort but also excellent handling, even at high speed (2).

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