Model XEOS MD / XEOS HD Series - Seed Drills



With its new XEOS range, SULKY is breathing new life into pneumatic seed drills. In addition to their modern design, the XEOS are distinguished by their high level of innovation and performance:

  • Vertical lift centre-fitted markers (1SE) with double guard (on XEOS MD),
  • Electrically-driven metering unit and PILOT console with half-drill electric shut-off and 10 kg electronic weight indicator (on XEOS MD),
  • Centrifugal clutch blower (recommended for the 3 m XEOS MD if tractor fitted with gripping clutch PTO),
  • Extra hydraulic connection on tractor side, to connect up the free return to a second tractor,
  • Rear pre-emergence disc tramlining,
  • Power harrow mounted side markers,
  • Additional 2 row closings (2 x 3 tramlining),
  • Hydraulically-controlled depth adjustment,
  • Lighting and signal panel (XEOS MD),
  • Hopper light and work lights,
  • Commissioning and training by SULKY.

  • Parking stands
  • Automatic triangular hitch
  • Hydraulically-driven fan (on XEOS HD) with pressure test gauge
  • Mechanical belt-driven fan (on XEOS MD) with centrifugal clutch as standard on 4.00 m model
  • Offset air filter
  • Central hopper with loading deck, access ladder and handrail
  • Filter screen
  • Folding cover
  • Manual ½ drill shut-off on right side
  • Large diameter DPA bar wheel drive (ø 760 mm)
  • SULKY centralised distribution (1 to 450 kg/ha) Rapid seed discharge flap
  • ULTRON management console
  • Disengagement of drive to 4 distribution rollers (2 x 2) through ULTRON console
  • Dual action depth control with centralised crank-operated adjustment
  • Choice of UNISOC or UNIDISC drilling toolbar
  • Vertical lift centre-fitted markers with double guard (on XEOS HD)
  • Lighting and signal panel (on XEOS HD)
  • Straight tine covering harrow

New ADS metering system
The ADS system’s distribution head is ideally placed at the front of the seed drill combine.
Universal metering unit: accommodates all seeds without changing the splines!
Record-breaking performance: incredibly adjustable, from 1kg/ha up to 450 kg/ha at 8 km/h, with wheat, etc.
Accessibility and ergonomics: calibration testing, which is very fast, can be carried out without disassembly, with full hopper discharge only taking a matter of seconds.
More air: the extra large, silent, slow-speed turbine (6 inches), supplies a large volume of air. The hydraulic drive (optional on XEOS MD) makes for more convenient operation.

Tramline and drill control consoles

The XEOS MD and HD can be fitted with electronic consoles:
ULTRON as standard on XEOS MD,

PILOT as standard on XEOS HD and as option on XEOS MD;
The PILOT console, coupled with an electrically-driven metering unit, offers more convenience and better quality work thanks to a range of automatic functions (including Prestart, Preload and half-width shut-off).

UNIDISC or UNISOC: a complete range of drilling systems
The UNIDISC drilling system uses large diameter discs; it therefore moves easily through plant debris allowing you to advance at a faster pace.
The UNIDISC R+ is fitted with a 40mm diameter packer wheel, for a higher emergence rate in dry soil.
No bounce when sowing small seeds due to the presence of an air vent (exclusive to SULKY); this vent “shuts off” the flow of air just before the drilling coulter, so that the seed falls under its own gravity.
The UNISOC 3R drilling system uses a set of Suffolk coulters mounted on 3 identical rows; it therefore offers 330 mm of clearance between each row; ideal for sowing on ploughed and tilled land and even with narrow inter-row spacing.

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