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XFuels' biofertilizer, XFertilizer, is produced from the mineral byproduct of forestry and agricultural feedstock. Because forestry and agricultural feedstock is bio in nature, it creates a high quality biofertilizer additive, able to be sold at the wholesale or industrial level.

XFertilizer is comprised of ready-to-use minerals and live formulates of beneficial microorganisms which, on application to seed, root or soil, mobilize the availability of nutrients by theri biological activity. XFertilizer helps build up the micro-flora and, in turn, the soil health in general. Use of such natural products in crop cultivation help in safeguarding the soil health and also improve the quality of crop products.

The agricultural benefits from using biofertilizers are many:

  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Activates the soil, biologically
  • Restores natural soil fertility
  • Provides protection against drought
  • Provides protection against some soil borne diseases
  • The potential to replace chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 25%
  • The potential to increase crop yields by 20 - 30%

The financial and social advantages are clear:

  • Biofertilizers are a cost-effective supplement to fertilizers, which reduce the cost and volume of petroleum-based fertilizers needed, especially nitrogen and phosphorus.

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