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- Model NP20 - Automatic Fertigation Equipment



XILEMA is an automatic equipment for injecting fertilizers into the watering system that provides greater control over your operation.Xilema is aleadercontrolled fertigationin high-performance farming both in greenhouses and outdoors.Xilema controls fertigation in different areas of the world: Europe, Latin America, North Africa and in Asia. At the present time, it continues toexpand its services on the five continents.

  • Extended benefits with the installation of a new software that makes handling the equipment easier and also enhances its features.
  • Offering solutions for all requirements in terms of the different crop types and their development phases, achieving:
  • Saving in manpower.
  • Provision of nutrients in a balanced and uniform manner.
  • Improvement in the quantity and quality of the harvests.
  • Designing a tailored system, because it adapts to any flow, farm size, existing watering head and crop type.
  • Adjusts to the number of outlets or sectors.
  • Permanently developing and perfecting its equipment through the Research and Development Department (R&D).

Each Xilema® unit can communicate with a laptop computer using the Windows operating system. The different communication modes are:

  • RS 232 (point to point service). It uses a serial port of the computer and is connected to an NX 300 programmer. It allows a wired connection of up to 20 meters.
  • RS 485 (serial multipoint, daisy chain). It establishes a direct communication between the computer and one or several NX 300 programmers, creating a network of up to 16 units. They allow the connection of units located at a distance of more than 1 km.
  • Radio, Wifi o modem. With direct line of sight it is possible to reach a distance of almost 1 km.
  • Ethernet system, offering high-speed communication. Recommended up to 100 metres.  

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