Model XL - Mating Stall Unit



The mating stall has been designed to provide adequate space for both the sow and the workers, which allows for good stimulus and thus good results. The stall is designed with saloon gates, which makes it extremely easy to get the sow into the stall, while the workers easily can enter the stall without having to open the gates. The stall is made in model L and in model XL Both models can be installed with polymer troughs or with a suspended stainless steel trough. The stall is as standard model delivered with front pipes, but can also be delivered with a front door.
The stall is made in galvanized material and the solid legs with a stainless steel mounting bracket, allows for long durability.


  • Height 100 cm.
  • Width 60-70 cm.
  • Length including trough model L 240 cm.
  • Length including trough model XL 250 cm.
  • Water supply with a ½' pipe per 2 sows
  • Possibility to be installed with a suspended stainless trough.
  • Surface hot galvanized
  • Attachment to floor with stainless steel bolts.

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