Seed Hawk Inc.

Model XL - Toolbar



The Seed Hawk XL Toolbar features the precision of Sectional Control® Technology and Seed Hawk's industry-leading opener assemblies. Constructed with %-inch thick high tensile steel. Seed Hawk uses triangulation to provide load sharing across the width of the toolbar frame. The XL Toolbar is built strong enough to be 85 feet wide and tough enough to pull a 980 bushel tank behind it.

Standard Equipment Standard Tires
  • Front Main Frame Dual 19.0/45-17
  • Front Main Wing Castors Dual 11L 15
  • Front Outer Wing Castors Single 11L 15
  • Rear Main Wing Tires Dual 11L 15
  • Rear Outer Wing Tires Single 11L 15
  • Rear Axle Tires 500/45
  • Semi-pneumatic Packer Tires
  • Clevis or 4x4 Rear Hitch
Tire Options Additional Toolbar Specifications

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