- Connected Device for Counting and Sizing Shrimp Post-larvae


The XperCount is a connected device for counting, sizing and imaging small aquatic organisms. Just add your organisms, press Count, and get accurate results in seconds.

Monitor and control every culture

The XperCount’s flexible technology and user-centered design allow for a seamless integration with multiple cultures and daily processes. Choose the right applications for your species and get started in minutes.

Reliable counts for all

Whether you’re a farmer or a scientist, hand counting organisms is a strenuous and time consuming task. The XperCount offers a better way forward for all.

Access all your data, organized

All XperCount measurements safely sync with your cloud-based XpertSea account. Log in to view your daily results and access detailed quality reports that can be shared with colleagues and third parties.

  • Total count
  • Average size
  • Size distribution
  • Detailed image
  • Growth rate
  • Survival rate

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