- Model XR - Rotary Milking Parlors



BECO Dairy Automation approached the development of a rotary parlor in the same way we approach engineering and development off all our equipment, not from the ground up, but from the cow out. This unique approach involves observing and knowing the requirements of the large commercial dairy, engineering components and design for simplicity, and building in extreme reliability.

The BECO XR Rotary
A Rugged and Reliable Rotary
A rotary parlor loaded with cows can have varying lateral forces up to 54 tons working on the centering devices. This is a lot of force to place on a single centering structure or on the roller grooves. BECO recognized that for long term extreme reliability, there must be a more solid centering system than the common centering pivot found on most rotaries. BECO engineers decided not to rely on the drive wheels or platform rollers alone and designed the XR Rotary with heavy-duty side thrust rollers every 15 feet around the inner rotating deck.

The XR Rotary also uses injection molded PTP rollers that are machined flat to provide a large and even surface to distribute the weight of the platform and cows. These 6” diameter rollers have over 2-1/2” of contact with both the upper and lower flat track. Due to the side thrust rollers, these rollers simply roll smoothly between two flat track surfaces with no grooved side contact.

The rotary swivel is another key to Extreme Reliability. The 6-way swivel of the BECO XR Rotary comes standard with a 2-1/2' milk swivel, a 10 ring brass pit electric swivel, twin 4” vacuum swivel, air and water swivels for air operated automation, backflush, and CIP cleaning. Swivels are filled with an automatic gas pressures automatic lubrication system to assure constant quality lubrication. The weight of the lines from the swivel are suspended to reduce wear thereby assuring a long life

The BECO XR Rotary
Built for milking performance and milking efficiency.
Maximizing milking parlor efficiency starts with effective cow flow. And effective cow flow starts with creating an environment for cows to be comfortable. Not one cookie-cutter solutions, BECO built unique designs into the XR Rotary to improve milking performance and milking efficiency.

An extended deck comes standard with the BECO XR Rotary parlor. Cows enter onto the extended deck more quickly and remain calm throughout milking because they feel secure. An extended deck rotary also offers a dry location to install and service milking equipment.

The BECO XR Rotary
Factory installed for extreme reliability.
The BECO XR Rotary parlor you own will be installed by experienced installers. This is a totally factory installed rotary placed upon the specified concrete foundations built by the builder contractor. Factory installation includes the platform, the stainless steel lines, swivel, and the ultra high test concrete for the cow deck. Your local dealer will than install the milking equipment and automation and electrical controls.

For more information on where and when you can see the XR Rotary please contact us.
You won't be disapointed as this rotary is already setting new industry standards for performance and reliability.

As one buyer put it...
'I thought one particular brand of rotary stood out as the best of them all, until I saw the BECO XR. It definitely takes things to a whole new level'

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