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Model XTill - Strip Till



Strip till with and without root-level liquid manure fertilization. The innovative XTill principle is based on an especially precise and effective procedure. The units carrying the tools are individually depth-guided and work with hydraulic pressurisation. That way, they adapt perfectly to the specific terrain conditions. To prevent plant remains that would use up nutrients from entering the soil, the XTill Strip Tillage process begins by removing plant residue.

  • a coulter blade opens up the surface
  • two star discharge rotors remove plant remains from the strips
  • a loosening/fertilising blade breaks up the soil to the desired depth
  • with the XTill S, an injector behind the blade deposits liquid manure at root level
  • two ridging blades form a crumbled bank
  • two pressure rollers compact the bank into a V shape, which also creates fine earth

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