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- Model Sc2400 - Sub-Compact Tractor


Because the engine, transmission, hydraulics and injectors are all manufactured and perfectly matched by Yanmar, the Sc2400 delivers the power you’d expect from a much larger tractor. With Shift-On-The-Go® technology, selectable 4WD and 3-point hitch position control, the Sc2400 might be the smallest tractor we make, but there’s Yanmar quality packed into every inch.


This high-performance, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine runs cleaner and more efficiently. The advanced combustion chamber design allows for better fuel atomization and a longer stroke for better torque reserve. Which adds up to one powerful experience.


A Yanmar exclusive, you’ll be able to shift between the high and low range without stopping or disengaging cruise control. This is perfect when using the loader, tiller or grading equipment. Shifting that’s easier on the engine and safer to operate allows you to focus on the job you set out to do.


Separate hydraulic pumps deliver a more efficient flow of hydraulic fluid for a smooth response without compromising horsepower. Whether you’re using the curved boom loader or accelerating through rough terrain with power steering, you’ll have the power you need to handle demanding jobs with ease.

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