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- Model 2000-001 - 1600 Gallon All Steer Fertilizer Cart


Available with black carts and white tanks or with green carts and yellow tanks.Hazard warning lights and an SMV emblem are standard.The low-profile tank design lowers the center of gravity.Large 18.4-26/10-ply industrial tractor lug tires deliver 26 inches of ground clearance.Eight (8) bolt hubs with rugged 3' spindles support a maximum load (including the cart) of 30,000 pounds.120' tread width offers outstanding load stability while allowing the axles to straddle the rows.Both front and rear axles pivot on greasable fifth (5th) wheels.Axles on all models are made of structural steel tubing.Axle spacer kits available for 22',36', and 38' row spacing.  They come standard for 30' rows.

Pleased with the cart for their 3,200 acres of corn and soybean
Bruce and Jerry Bergman have used the Yetter 2000-gallon All Steer High Capacity Cart on their family farm for the past two years. The first spring they used it behind a 24-row strip-till toolbar; the second spring behind a 24-row planter. They are pleased with the cart for their 3,200 acres of corn and soybeans. 'The four- wheel steer follows the same track as the tractor and works better on the end rows,' said Bruce. 'And the large wheels and tires reduce compaction. It's also built very well.' The Bergmans also appreciate Yetter service. Bruce said, 'We use Yetter products in some unconventional ways, and when we have any questions about the products, Yetter has listened and been very helpful.'

We save time and money
Dan Wilson changed from fall application of NH3 to spring application with the help of the Yetter All-Steer Fertilizer cart. He purchased the cart and used it to mount two 1000-gallon steel tanks to apply anhydrous ammonia. With the help of the cart and his 24-row planter, he plants and fertilizes approximately 50 acres between fills. 'I won't put on spring ammonia unless I know the application will stay between the rows-I don't want ammonia damage on new growth,' Dan said. 'We plant thousands of acres of hillsides, and the Yetter All-Steer Cart stays right in the tracks.''This process is not for the weak at heart. But, when we apply nitrogen in the spring when and where the plant needs it, we save time and money,' Dan said. With the help of the Yetter All-Steer cart, he saves 30 to 50 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Dan also reports that 70 percent of his crop labor requirements occur between September and December, so shifting some of that labor to spring is a big plus.

Greatly improved our planting productivity
'The All Steer™ Cart greatly improved our planting productivity. Its capacity more than doubled what I was previously hauling in tanks mounted on the tractor. With less stops to refill, we were able to plant about 30% more acres in a day. And with its four wheel All wheel tracking steering, it stays on track behind the planter. I never noticed it running over any planted rows even on side hills.'

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