- Model W-5000 - Articulated Utility Tractor



We′re changing expectations of what a typical utility tractor is, and what it should be capable of doing. The Yukon is a no-nonsense workhorse that punches above its weight - it packs tremendous features and capability into to an especially agile, compact chassis. The ground breaking concept gives you the freedom to work efficiently, productively, and comfortably without the limitations that plague conventional tractors. A rich standard feature set, such as automotive style 4x4 and intelligent hydraulics, can be augmented by an impressive range of options to ensure you have just what you need. You don′t have to settle for a compromise. Not with the Yukon.

The Yukon offers big power in a small package. Compact dimensions offer better maneuverability, easier access. and, quite simply, it fits where a lot of other tractors just won′t.
Standard Cat 1. and/or Cat 1-N hitches give you a choice of literally thousands of implements. Unlike most tractors, the front hitch option is an ISO standard Cat I-N giving you the option to use a wider range of tools, use tools simultaneously, and use them where they are most comfortable and efficient.
Superb Engine
Outstanding 44,9 hp Kubota engine delivers hard pulling torque while being quiet and economical.
All Wheel Drive
Advanced drivetrain design delivers incredible traction and smooth control, it doesn′t hop even on paved or hard surfaces. It′s permanently engaged, and equally sized tires maximizes 4x4 effectiveness.

Dual Speed PTO
540 or 1000 RPM PTO option gives you a broader choice of implements, and allows economical operation for low power tools.
Operator Friendly
The W-5000 Yukon has an impressive set of standard features for enhancing operator comfort. A wide range of options and accessories, such as cabin, heating, radio, deluxe seat, are available.     Yukon

Sized Tires
This tractor’s frames flex to adapt to uneven terrain. This significantly improves stability, handling, and implement control, and reduces ground compaction. With an impressively low center of gravity, Wisconsin tractors stay firmly grounded in rough terrain.
There is a huge range of accessories and options for the Yukon. Need more hydraulic controls? Safety lighting? High visibility paint? No problem - we′ll gladly work with you to tailor a machine to your needs and budget.

Utility Trailers
These universal-use trailers have heavy duty side panels that will not bow or flex under heavy loads. Available with rear-only or rear, left, and right (3 way) tipping. Optional cage kits provides extra volume for bulky materials. All are CE approved for on-road use.

These blades have heavy duty bodies for use in tough conditions. Standard duty models are mounted directly on the hitch and have manual angle control. Professional models have parallelogram lifts with spring protection, and hydraulic angle control. Available in front or rear mount configurations. Can accept steel or rubber edges.

Rotary Brooms
Brooms are great for cleaning debris and light snow removal from virutally any surface. Options include front or rear mount versions, collecting bins, curb brushes, and spraying systems for water or liquid de-icers.

Snow Blowers
The Yetti series loaders are loaded with innovative features to ensure top performance and reliability. Double serrated augers are aggressive and quickly pulverize icey chunks. All steel construction and free-floating chutes.

These all-purpose backhoes feature side-to-side adjustment to allow close digging near buildings and fences. Self-contained independent hydraulic system (driven by PTO shaft) saves wear and reduces maintenance of the tractor.

Front End Loaders
The sub-frame mounted loaders have virtually limitless application. With the built in park stands, installing the loader is a 5-10 minute operation, without heavy lifting. Auto-levelling design ensures full buckets and better control.

Ditch mulchers
Ditch mulchers are mowing and mulching hardly accessible grassed places such as road ditches.

Finish mowers provide a groomed appearance for lawns and public areas. Disk (high grass) mowers efficiently cut and neatly windrow tall grass for subsequent pick-up. Flail mowers mulch and pulverize grass, shrubs, and saplings, and are very resistant to damage. Wisconsin offers flail mowers with collection, boom-mounted mowers for trimming gullies and trees, and dyke mowers for steep inclines.

Spreaders can be used for sand, salt, gravel, fertilizer, and seed mix. Wisconsin offers poly- and steel-bodied models to suit different budgets and operating conditions.

Wood Chippers
Wood Chippers are shredding materials and residues of biological origin to small particles (chips) used also for heating, plants backfilling or for plant residues treatment before composting.

Drill neat clean holes for trees, fences, and piers quickly and efficiently even in rocky, hard to dig soil. Interchangeable bits let you quickly adjust for different job requirements.

Rotary tiller
This rotary tiller is used for mechanization of field works on smaller pieces of land and for municipal services.

Potato digger
The potato digger is designed only for potatoes digging, their separation from soil and putting them aside on a ploughed-up furrow surface so that their damage or refilling, while digging the next furrow, is avoided.

Hay & High Grass Equipment
Get faster drying and better quality hay from these economical tenders and rakes. They are perfectly sized for compact tractors and can process even large areas impressively well.

The sprayers have fixed or adjustable booms for different sized crop.

Forestry & Wood Equipment
Hard working, reasonably priced implements for your woodlot needs. Winches are hitch mounted equipped with safety shielding and thick steel anchor for a solid base.

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