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Maya offers a 3-year warranty with no limit on worked hours. It is aversatile and fully configurableproduct: An excellent return on your investment:2 machines in one.. The MAYA head is capable of harvestingcorn and sunflowerin a professional manner.

  • Minimum maintenance: simplicity in design. The head is free of complex systems and is easy to work on using standard tools.
  • The quality and strengthof its components are excellent: the innovation and modernisation to which we subject every manufacturing process has allowed us to increase the service life of our machines.
  • Removable chopper and safety deviceson every row and on the endless drive, preventing the sets from breaking down in the event of accidental overloads.
  • Optimal operation:a robust, reliable machine, capable of reaching high harvesting outputs and achieving anexcellent chopping quality in all conditions..

Put your head to the test

  • Capable of harvesting the tallest cornat high speeds. Capable of harvesting in the presence of dense grass.
  • No need to stop during the harvesting campaign.
  • Capable of absorbing the harvester's lowest power.
  • The lowest maintenance cost.
  • Achieve the maximum return on your investment.
  • Possibility of configuring your head at any time with the entire range of accessories and fittings on the market (ask your distributor).
After-sales service
  • Availability of a wide range of spares for headsover 25 years old..
  • After-sales adaptations: we adapt every head “on demand”.
  • Availability ofmaintenance manuals and broken-down catalogues for all models for easeof communication between customers and the factory and between customers and distributors.
  • Warm, personalised service. All of our employees arequalified professionals.

  • Side chain for harvesting down corn.
  • Central chain for harvesting down corn.

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