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- Model 215 - Tractor



The Yuvraj 215’s low cost of ownership and best-in-class fuel efficiency is bringing mechanization opportunities to farmers with small landholdings across India and revolutionizing earnings capabilities.We designed the Yuvraj 215 for small farm operations.  With one cylinder and 15 HP, the Yuvraj 215 is compact and easy to operate.  We built it for long life and low maintenance, durability and dependability. It offers the first water-cooled single cylinder engine in the 15 HP segment, and its side shift gear is easy and comfortable to use.

The Yuvraj 215 achieves a top speed of 25 kmph, the highest in its class.  It can haul up to 1.5 tons.  It’s ideal for farmers ready to upgrade from bullocks or power tillers, or for farmers who need an additional machine for specific applications like inter-culture, power generation, or water pumping.  Farmers who cultivate vegetables, tend orchards, or raise cash crops can all benefit from the Yuvraj 215’s strong value proposition of affordability, power, and performance.

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