- Model Atom 15 FC 1 Nozzle - Irrigation Sprinkler



It is a new model, under the patent protection, developed by Yüzüak Makina as a result of its 2-year ARGE activities. Thanks to its special body structure, it has two different water spraying angles as 22 and 27 degree. It has also an adjustable rotation speed.The sprinkler head has been designed in a manner operable with both body angles. In windy regions, water outlet of 220 is recommended. Thanks to this, it will spray the water from a lower point and so, the impact of wind will be the minimum. By using the body angle of 270, optimum irrigation can be ensured. Thanks to its nozzle used as a blind plug, your sprinkler head can be also used as a single hole. Thank to this, by means of closing the second water outlet with its 4mm Special Design square nozzle in places with less water, it can be operated with 17.5 liters water. With this nozzle, you can increase up to 10m X 10m or 12m x 12m arrangement range.

With the spring setting under the spoon mechanism, you can enable your gun to spray the water forward by turning slowly and equally to everywhere by turning fast. As with all the products of Yüzüak Makina, it has been manufactured from 100% original raw material. A long time service has been aimed by using engineering plastics and professional additives to eliminate the harmful impacts of water and sun.

  • Product Code : Atom 15 FC 1 Nozzle
  • Water Input : 1'
  • Working Pressure : 2-4,5 kg/cm²
  • Water Requirement : 1,95- 4,88 m³
  • Knockers : 3,6mm-4,5mm-5,0mm- 5,5mm-6,0mm-6,5 mm
  • Body Angle : 22° - 27 °
  • Dimensions : 180cm x 200 cm
  • Box Dimension : 36cm x 38cm x 111 cm
  • Weight : 0,220 (1pcs) kg

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