Model JET 30S - Rotatable Irrigation Sprinkler



Rotatable sprinkler heads with gearbox and adjustable for full or part circle coverage, featuring medium pressure operations(2 to 5 Bars) and high efficiency. Changeable nozzles and dynamic water jet breaker system enable a perfect irrigation with evenly distributed water. Suitable for using on flowering delicate plants, and vegetables; widely used especially on products such as onion, garlic, watermelon, peanut, parsley, and lettuce etc.  Makes full and semi-circle turns at the same speed; Ideal for agricultural areas, sport fields, and mines; suitable for portable and fixed systems.

  • Water Input : 1,5'
  • Working Pressure : 2-5 kg/cm²
  • Water Requirement : 6,5- 23,5 m³
  • Knockers : 10,12,14,16,18 mm
  • Body Angle : 28 °
  • Dimensions : cm
  • Box Dimension : 19,5x18x62 cm
  • Weight : 5,0 kg

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