- Irrigation Sprinkler



Special design, gear drive dust control nozzle. Special design with one-hole allows irrigation and humidification of large lands by minimum water consumption. Replaceable water breaker and gear drive mechanism ensure the droplets are spread over the working area in a form of mist screen. As the gear drive dust control nozzles break the water constantly, it ensures uninterrupted dust suppression. It has excellent and equal forward and reverse speed. Standard model, Dust43, is protected against light to medium degree chemical waters thanks to the rotation bearing powder painted and stainless.

  • Water Input : 2'
  • Working Pressure : 3-7 kg/cm²
  • Water Requirement : 12- 58 m³
  • Knockers : 14mm X 16mm X 18mm X 20mm X 22mm X 24 mm
  • Body Angle : 43 °
  • Dimensions : cm
  • Box Dimension : 20cm x20cm x 85,5 cm
  • Weight : 9 kg

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