Model Z-543 - Round Balers



The Z-543 and Z-594 round balers are intended for baling straw material (up to 25% moisture) from 1900 mm wide windrows and dry off green fodder (up to 40-60% moisture) intended for hay silage. The material is rolled into bales of 1200 mm diameter. Unlike Z-543 baler, the Z-594 model has a rotor with cutting system (14 - knifes), ensuring uniform ensilage and better digestion quality of the feed. Bales made by Z-543 baler are bound with string as standard; optionally they can be bound with a net. Z-594 baler is provided with a net binding system only. Both balers are equipped with acoustic and light indicators signaling filling up of a chamber. The round balers are fully suited for road transport.

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