Nordson Xaloy Europe GmbH

Z-Mixer Screw



The Nordson XALOY Z-Mixer™ Screw is the best dispersive mixing screw in the industry. Its patented geometry utilizes mechanical potential in the melt stream to efficiently disperse additive packages. The unique 'Z' formation channels the melt stream to high shear areas for a more thorough chaotic mixing action.

  • Most crystalline resins with color or additive packages that demand optimum dispersive mixing.
  • Successful applications in injection molding utilizing a variety of resins including PE, PP, PA and ionomer.

  • Excellent quality & appearance.
  • Enhanced product performance.
  • Better physical properties.
  • Reduced scrap rates.

  • No marbling or streaking.
  • Strong weld lines.

When compared to a single stage, general purpose screw of comparative root geometry, the Z-Mixer screw delivers a mixing quality of 5 times better.

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