Zaccaria Srl.

- Model ZAM 140 DU - Two-Axle Trailers With Three-Way Tipping



Standard equipment: 8 columns axles, self-steering rear axle, hydraulic parking stand, three-way tipping system, automatic brake adjuster (with pneumatic brake), the double effect hydraulic pistons mounted on the chassis allows the platform to reach the maximum inclination, cantilever leaf spring suspensions, aluminium sides, lateral and rear sides open upward and downward, tools box on chassis, from model zam 140 du2: double tipping pistons.

  • Gear pump and PTO shaft
  • Gear pump with hydraulic motor
  • Frame to support the cover
  • Manual PVC covering mounted on removable frame
  • Special draw bar eye for export
  • PVC lateral covering operated by pneumatic system

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