- Mycorrhizal Fungi


Mycorrhizal fungi are a group of naturally occurring soil organisms that associate with the roots of over 90% of all plants, in a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship.Suitable for: most flowering plants, house pot plants, vegetables, fruit trees, some conifers like thuja, yew tree and cypress. Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi connect with plant roots and for a network of fungal fibres, bring water and nutrients.

  • They support the plant for its entire life and bind carbon dioxide in the soil.
  • Enhances plant nutrition, growth and health
  • Increases resistance to stress and drought
  • Saves water and fertilizers
  • Improves flowering, fruiting and yield
  • Mycorrhizal fungi act as a secondary root system, enabling plants’ roots to explore a much greater volume of soil than their own roots.
  • Mycorrhiza are beneficial fungi which act as a stimulate to root growth
  • Zander growth medium provides a substrate for successful plant-mycorrhizal symbiosis
  • Successful trials in Kuwait now proceeding to commercial deployment
  • Zander have licensed mycorrhizae production, and have built a facility in the UAE for this purpose
  • Native mycorrhizal strains to be produced in-country from indigenous species

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