Zanin F.lli s.r.l.

- Model CR - Rotary Grain Grader with/without Aspiration



The function of the rotary grader is to separate grain according to their size. The output capacity depends on the drum diameter and the number of perforated screens. The accuracy of grading depends on the rotation speed and inclination of the drum.

Structure, casing and drum support pillars made of pressed, galvanized sheet metal - Movable side doors with handle and lock - Carbon steel perforated screens - Manual drum inclination in graduated scale - Wooden rollers for cleaning screens - Variable rotation speed

The product enters by way of gravity into a cylindrical rotating drum with interchangeable perforated screens. The product passes through several sectors of screens with predetermined perforations. The drum is inclined in relation to the slope of the product, which falls onto appropriate separate hoppers. The choice of screen perforation size depends upon the dimensions of product to be graded.

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