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- Model PPR - Rotary Grain Pre-cleaner



The function of a rotary grain pre-cleaner is to remove fine and large impurities which are found among untreated grain in a short amount of time. The pre-cleaner must be installed at the entrance of the dryer so as not to compromise the quality of the grain. This particular treatment is done to homogenize the product, eliminating blockages whilst reducing the consumption of electricity. The aspirated version reduces the emission of dust into the atmosphere.


Structure, casing and drum support pillars made of pressed, galvanized sheet metal - Movable side doors with handle and lock - Carbon steel perforated screens - Manual drum inclination - Nylon brushes for cleaning screens - Fixed rotation speed - Manually regulated conveyor for discharge of large impurities


The product enters by way of gravity into a rotating, cylindrical drum covered with interchangeable perforated screens. The clean product passes through the perforations and the large impurities are discharged at the end of the drum. The type of screens installed is determined by the dimensions and humidity of the product, and also the type of reject material to be separated.

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