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- Model PRA - Rotary Frain Cleaner with Aspiration



The main function of a cleaner with aspiration is to remove light dust particles as the product enters the system and then separate the good quality product from the damaged and other impurities through the rotary drum. This process is essential for cleaning grain which is to be stored for long periods as it prevents overheating due to chaff, husks or split/damaged product. Once the treatment is completed the product will be visibly healthier and in better condition.

Structure, casing and drum support pillars are made of pressed, galvanized sheet metal - Product inlet hopper - Aspiration intake with vertical or horizontal positioning - Air flow dampers - Hopper connection to rotating drum - Structure, casing and drum support pillars made of pressed, galvanized sheet metal - Movable side doors with handles and lock - Carbon steel perforated screens - Manual drum inclination - Nylon brushes for cleaning screens - Fixed rotation speed - Manually regulated conveyor for discharge of large impurities

The product enters by way of gravity into a motorized roller distributor where it is uniformly distributed over the entire width of the roller; the subsequent curtain of product is hit by a cross air flow as it descends, which removes the lightest impurities (decanted by a cyclone or filter), and deposits part of the heavier impurities in the decantation hopper which is equipped with an auger for reject expulsion. The product, clean from dust, enters a cylindrical rotating drum, covered with interchangeable perforated screens. The first screen removes smaller impurities (sand, split product, etc.). The following screens allow the desired product to fall through predetermined perforations while any larger impurities are taken to the end of the drum. The type of screens installed is determined by the type of product and the kind of reject material to be separated.

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