- Model ZBII Series - 2 Row Self Propelled Carrot Harvester with Bunker



The ZBII self-propelled top lifting carrot harvester combines a 4,5 tonne hopper and a sharp turning radius, which makes it a very versatile machine. Extra long 14000 mm harvesting belts provide smooth product handling and 6 knives per row ensure an optimal topping result. Reversion of the harvesting belts and knives is operated from the cabin for maximum convenience. High-quality components and perfectly sealed bearings guarantee a user-friendly system and a comfortable harvesting season.

  • Durable construction
  • Easy and accessible maintenance
  • Guaranteed carrot quality
  • High productivity, large capacity
  • Easy to maneuver

Accurate intake, guaranteed quality
Stability is key
The ZBII's top lifting mechanism and its overall construction guarantee optimum stability:

  • Moving the shears into the ground does not affect the picking element, because both work independently.
  • Top lifting is more accurate, because the picking element is exactly positioned at the centre of the front steering wheel and steering movements are directly transmitted to the picking element.
  • The ZBII carrot harvester is equipped with large wheels, making the harvester very stable. It also means high ground clearance and low ground pressure, which keeps the harvester running smoothly even in tough conditions.
  • The thoughtfully engineered weight distribution makes the ZBII an easy and versatile machine to handle.

Belt reversal: Rotary dividers can be reversed in order to ensure efficient haulm intake.
Depth control: The picking element comes with individual depth control on both rows as a standard.
Height setting: The automatic height setting is controlled from the cabin, allowing the operator to instantly adapt to varying conditions.

Driving your productivityThe Dewulf topping mechanism

No wear
Whenever moving parts are exposed to dust and liquid, excessive wear will be a direct result. The bearings of the topping blades are therefore hermetically sealed off. Thanks to a labyrinth sealing with several protection layers, even the smallest dust particles or liquids cannot gain access.

Less maintenance
The topping mechanism only has one single grease point per element lubricating all six topping blades through an inside channel. This significantly reduces maintenance time.

Delivering quality products
In contrast to conventional chain drive systems with a chain fastener, two large heavy-duty sprockets within the gearbox ensure a perfect synchronization between the knife blades at all times. As a result, carrots cannot be chipped off at the top and the knife blades will last longer.

No jams
Foreign objects such as wood will not obstruct the harvesting process, because the topping blades are sprung-loaded and therefore always return to their original position.

Smooth transport, efficient cleaning

Long harvesting belts
The ZBII carrot harvester is equipped with long 14000 mm super-grip profile belts:
• Larger capacity
• More efficient cleaning and product handling
• Able to cope with higher travel speeds and crop throughput

Low inclination: A low inclination angle ensures a smooth and gentle crop intake.
Effective haulm removal: Haulm is evacuated at a safe distance from the topping blades. This reduces the risk of blockage.
Adjustable speed: Depending on the conditions, you can fine tune crop intake to perfection by decreasing/increasing the speed of the belts according to the travel speed.

Efficient power. Day in, day out.

The Deutz BF6M common rail engine generates a massive 330 horsepower and exceptional economy. The ZBII allows you to switch to economy mode, which alters the engine rpm's according to the load encountered. When conditions get tougher, theZBII really takes advantage of the Deutz BF6M engine. The oil flow in the oversized wheel motors can be arranged for each wheel individually, giving you the choice between maximum torque and speed.

Harvesting in comfort all season round

With the ZBII carrot harvester, Dewulf has created a comfortable environment that stimulates the operator to be productive.

Ergonomical Commander Unit presenting performance data such as engine rpm's, speed of hydraulic functions, fuel consumption, hectare counter etc.
Intelligent internal communication system balancing the electronic modules for controlling the engine rpm's with hydraulic powered functions. Thanks to this system, the ZBII is able to increase performance and reduce fuel costs.
Cruise control
Automatic air-conditioning
Spacious cabin providing a perfect view on the picking element, the topping mechanism and the elevator.

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