- Non-Chemical Control of Invasive Zebra and Quagga Mussels


ZEQUANOX is the industry’s only selective and environmentally compatible molluscicide for the control of invasive zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena species) at all stages of maturity - from veliger to adult. ZEQUANOX delivers efficacy comparable to chemical solutions, but does not endanger employees, damage equipment, or result in harmful impacts to the environment or other aquatic organisms1 when used as directed.

  • Controls all mussel life stages
  • Effective in broad range of water temperatures and conditions
  • Highly selective to Dreissena species
  • Treatments can be completed within hours
  • Applies with standard injection equipment; no special equipment to install or maintain
  • Applicators need only minimal personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Detoxification is NOT required before discharge
  • Noncorrosive and nonvolatile
  • Simple administration

Significant advantages over chlorine and chemical solutions …
ZEQUANOX is classified as a reduced-risk aquatic pesticide that is not subject to regulatory restrictions on usage (e.g., time of year, frequency of treatments, etc.) and carries only minimal permitting requirements. The product can be applied using standard injection equipment and applicators need only minimal personal protective equipment (PPE). Treatments of ZEQUANOX can occur during the workday and can be completed within hours without disrupting normal operations. The product is noncorrosive to equipment and does not require detoxification before water discharge.

Effective control without the expense of equipment procurement and maintenance …
Unlike mechanical solutions, ZEQUANOX can be employed quickly and without making a significant capital investment or undertaking a complicated installation; nor does it require on-going equipment maintenance to ensure efficacy. Applied directly into the water system like other water treatment products, ZEQUANOX offers the added benefit of being able to reach and treat even the smallest of crevices where mussels may colonize.

Mussels readily consume the product, minimizing treatment times …
ZEQUANOX is composed of dead cells of a naturally occurring microbe (Pseudomonas fluorescens), which, are perceived as a nonthreatening food source. Zebra and quagga mussels readily consume the product along with their normal phytoplankton diet (view video). Once ingested, ZEQUANOX deteriorates the mussel’s digestive lining, causing death. This mechanism contrasts with biocides such as chlorine, which mussels sense as threatening, causing them to quickly shut their valves to guard themselves against the chemical.

Highly selective …
Extensive toxicology studies have been conducted with ZEQUANOX for the purpose of ensuring its selectivity to zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena species). The findings of the various studies demonstrate that Zequanox is highly selective towards zebra and quagga mussels and is safe1 for many aquatic species, including fish, native freshwater unionids, plants, algae, crustaceans, and insects, as well as, mallard ducks. In addition, the U.S. EPA described the active ingredient in ZEQUANOX as follows, “Pseudomonas fluorescens strain CL145A (ZEQUANOX) has low toxicity and presents little risk to non-target organisms” [U.S. EPA Biopesticide Registration Action Document (BRAD) July 29, 2011].

With ZEQUANOX, customers have peace of mind … 
ZEQUANOX users can have confidence that they are protecting against mussel damage without having to procure and maintain costly, specialized equipment or incur the risk of an accidental chemical spill or worker injury.

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