- Model ZF - Row Cultivator



The Struik ZF row cultivator is a highly versatile machine that is used worldwide for all sorts of different crops. Each of the rotary cultivator units is driven independently, from the top, so there is free space for plants to extend upwards, between the units. TheZFis a modular system and can be built in any configuration, from 3 to 12 rows, regardless of the row spacing. This makes theZFa very versatile machine. The cultivator elements are fitted standard with 8 tines. Narrower elements with 4 tines are also available for cultivation without damaging the root structure of the crop.

  • Every cultivator element has individual shear-bolt protection.
  • Cultivation between rows with high foliage.
  • Mechanical weed control.
  • Adjustable cultivator units, which makes it possible to use theZFfor crops with variable inter-row spacing.

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