- Ridging Hillers



Larger volume in ridges, fewer green tubers. Firm ridges, slower dehydration (better water management) and ridge remains intact all season. Allows activities to be started and stopped earlier; versatile use at different times. Can be used until leaf canopy closes ridge will warm up faster, so potatoes develop faster. Ridge retains shape better even in heavy rain. Temperature rise in ridge is slower in hot summer periods, so storage quality of the potatoes is improved. Weeds can be dealt with in one single action soconsiderable savings on spraying costs can be achieved.

Advantages at harvest:

  • Easier to top haulms thanks to consistent shape of the ridge, no problems with stones and less dragging of haulms for the discs;
  • Round ridge gives less damage;
  • Less damage in the lifter by large amount of soil on the first web.

ZIBO Models:

  • 4-row ridging hiller, incl. 2 support wheels, sub soilers, pvc sliding plates and set edging  boards
  • 8-row ridging hiller, hydraulically retractable, incl. 4 support wheels, sub soilers, sliding plates, set edging boards

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