- Model ZZ2602 - Fertilizer Units



Front fertilizer unit 2600 mm., cont. 1000L., 8 dicsh., 3 support .wheels, lighting & metering wheel

  • Hitch with 3 support wheels and hitch for weighing installation.
  • Weighing installation
  • New front fertilizing unit provided with stainless steel shafts, grates, plastic hood to cover, deflector plates directly below seed tubes.
  • Hydraulic drive unit on seeding shaft with RPM feedback for driving speed.
  • Weighing-seeding computer with connection for three-point weight box, hydraulic control for seeding shaft speed measurement, hectare counter and total kg applied.

ZZ70010    ZIBO fertilizer unit with 4 d.chutes, 125 L., excl. drive cassette
ZZ70106    ZIBO stainless steel fertilizer unit 4 d.chutes., 150 L., excl. drive cassette

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