- Disc Ditch Digger



On particularly wet plots, a narrow trench is dug before planting the crops in the opposite direction to the planting rows. This avoids crop damage and water accumulating on the surface of the soil Thanks to its depth, the trench remains intact and will promote drainage throughout the entire season. The ZIBO disc ditch digger distinguishes itself compared to several other brands because the disc has independent bearings relative to the gearbox (see photos). This allows the gearbox to operate with no undue loading from the disc. For reliable performance the ZIBO disc ditch digger has been manufactured with a solid and stable frame.

Type                 Description                          Ø                  Max. working depth
SF12040         ZIBO disc ditch digger      Ø 120 cm                    40 cm
SF17060         ZIBO disc ditch digger      Ø 170 cm                    60 cm
SF19070         ZIBO disc ditch digger      Ø 190 cm                    70 cm
SF0501           ZIBO ditch digger    SF190/70 with mirrored frame

Huge advantages of the ZIBO disc ditch digger:

  • Little or no damage
  • Disc runs behind the tractor wheel
  • The trenches stay operational after tillage
  • No deep trenches (trench cutter) that have to be flattened
  • The ZIBO ditch digger can also be used for drainage or to lay ground cables.

Delivered as standard with power take off with clearance and sheare bolt clutch.

Option: direct delivered with the machine:
SF0315           Support wheel
SF0316           Hydr. depth control
SF0209           Adapter piece for ditch 1000 mm. from centre (to the right)
SF0232           Adapter piece for ditch centred below the tractor
SF0320           Drainage unit cpl. with hydr. frame
SF0335           Horizontal adjustable  disposable disc (hydr. powered)
SF0615          Twin wheelset hydr. adjustable.
SF02BC120   Share treated with carbide       (SF120)
SF02BC170   Share treated with carbide       (SF170)
SF02BC190   Share treated with carbide       (SF190)


Spare parts (shares):
Type             Quantity          Code Standard           Code Share treated with carbide
.                                                 Shares set                                  Shares set
SF120/40        7+7               SF02B14                      SF02BC14
SF170/60        9+9               SF02B18                      SF02BC18
SF190/60        10+10            SF02B20                      SF02BC20
* excl. bolts

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