- Model 9500P - Center Pivot



The 9500P center pivot is the most durable, rugged, and long-lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot family. Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure.

Thicker Pipe for Strength

Zimamtic’s standard 6 5/8 inch (168 mm) pipeline is more than 10% thicker than the competition’s best offering, which means additional strength and stability – the most substantial in the industry.

Zimmatic 9500P Pivot Point with Collector Ring Eliminates Water Restriction

Hot-dipped galvanized steel legs and heavy-duty cross-members form a rugged foundation. Exclusive collector ring is mounted externally, eliminating water flow restriction.

Preformed Outlet

Formed sprinkler outlets are part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal. Traditional welded-on couplings can result in leakage and rusting.

Exclusive Uni-Knuckle Span Connector

Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connector features components that are mounted externally to eliminate flow restriction.

Tower Height Options

The top-of-the-line 9500P offers the most tower height options of any Zimmatic irrigation system, so you can choose the tower height that fits any crop – from corn to cane:

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