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- Mounted Strip Till Drills


ZIP-TIL linkage mounted strip-till drills are ideal for medium to light soils, drilling straight into stubble, saving a huge amount of time and fuel. The ZIP-TIL design, incorporating high clearance and generously staggered coulters, ensures good trash flow giving the ability to drill direct into surface residue. The surface straw protects the soil from erosion and avoids locking up valuable nitrogen which in turn improves the soil quality. The one pass drilling system dramatically reduces compaction and quickly improves soil structure, providing an ideal soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow healthily to achieve its full potential.

  1. High frame clearance coupled with two adjustable wheels for depth control
  2. Easily adjustable opening disc to each tillage arm for a low disturbance till
  3. Auto-reset protection to each cultivating tine
  4. Independent pressurised seeding arms ensure constant seed depth across the field
  5. Adjustable pressure harrow – hydraulically operated
  6. Seed hopper coupled with metal weatherproof lid and has a refill capacity of one tonne
  7. Individual laser seed monitoring to each coulter
  8. Computer controlled variable seed metering coupled with radar speed sensing


Three operations in a single pass

  1. Strip tillage – localised soil preparation
  2. Independent double shoot seeding
  3. Reconsolidation for optimum seed to soil contact

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