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Practical technology for today’s resource-smart farmers. For many farmers, building a greenhouse is a big step. There are many important things to consider from your zoning to your environmental and pest controls. One thing you do not want to overlook is your use of resources. Think about it. If you’re paying to heat or cool a volumetric greenhouse, you should be growing in that unused volumetric space. ZipGrow Towers allow greenhouse growers to maximize their greenhouse space with volumetric production. Whether you’re brand new to soil-less growing or you’ve been growing hydroponically for years, ZipGrow Vertical Farming Towers can empower you to grow more in your space and make more money as a farmer.

ZipGrow Vertical Gardening Towers let you grow an incredible amount of veggies using the same methods that professional growers use to power their greenhouse.

The designs rely on a water-smart recirculating method to grow more veggies with less effort and less waste.

If you have been looking for a simple and effective method to grow veggies, without the hassle of weeding and watering, look no further.

Home hydroponics made easy

It all starts by plumbing your ZipGrow Towers into either a hydroponic or aquaponic system. From there, your nutrient rich water is pumped up to your Towers and flow back down to your tanks. Think of it like this: you can grow hundreds of beautiful, nutritious veggies, with a single, 25 watt pump doing the work. That’s less energy than a typical light bulb.

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