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The ZipGrow Farm Wall is a soil-less growing system that makes it possible to grow a garden anywhere – even on the side of a wall! This water-smart and space-conscious wall garden not only helps home gardeners, restaurants, and schools, grow their own fresh greens and herbs. Your ability to grow your own food shouldn’t be limited by space constraints or poor soils. That’s why we created the Farm Wall.

The Farm Wall leverages a proven hydroponic (i.e. growing without soil) technique to supply plants with a formulated nutrient solution added directly to the water.

Water and nutrients are continually circulated through the system, and are absorbed by the plants through their roots.

This way of growing uses significantly less water and doesn’t require any weeding to grow beautiful, flavorful plants.

  • No soil = no weeds = no weeding.
  • Use a fraction of the water compared to soil gardens.
  • Grow your favorite greens and herbs wherever you want.

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