- Aspergillus Oryzae Feeding Fermentation


Zymace is an Aspergillus oryzae 458 fermentation product. Aspergillus oryzae (AO) has been shown to help maintain forage and starch digestibility in a variety of livestock feeding and supplementation applications. This is especially true during times of stress but also under normal feeding conditions. Use of AO has been proven to help maintain growth and production of lactic acid-utilizing bacteria thus helping to stabilize rumen pH which helps maintain milk and meat production and overall animal health. These responses are also advantageous to stressed cattle, with intake and help with shrink recovery. Aspergillus oryzae 458 has been shown to help the ruminal fermentation profile, with essential ruminal microbe numbers and activity, and help digestion of critical nutrients including starch and fibers. It has also been shown to maintain normal feed intake and feed conversions.

Zymace... the New Standar
Zymace consistently helps with fiber breakdown and absorption in the rumen while unlocking valuable nutrients in forages and feeds. The Aspergillus oryzae (AO) 458 strain in Zymace helps maintain appetite by delivering higher yields of energy and protein from feed especially during times of low feed intake. Aspergillus oryzae has been shown to help fiber-digesting microorganisms that are beneficial for optimal digestion and absorption of vital nutrients. Zymace is a potent fermentation product that:

  • Helps in rumen fermentation.
  • Helps essential microbial numbers and activity.
  • Helps maintain rumen pH and digestion.
  • Helps dry matter intake and feed conversion.
  • Helps with normal meat and milk production.
  • Helps during heat stress.
  • Helps with weight gain potential and shrink recovery.
  • Works effectively in conjunction with antibiotics.
  • Can be used in natural feeding programs.
  • Helps with performance and growth of all animal groups.
  • Provides optimum profitability and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Good Performance
Starts with Good Rumen Health
Research shows that a stable, well-functioning rumen is vital for digestion and nutrient uptake, ensuring the flow of feed and forage through the rumen for optimum production. As production increases, more stress is put on the rumen and other support systems. Feeding Aspergillus oryzae has been proven to help maintain lactic acid-utilizing bacteria, especially in high forage diets, thereby optimizing acidity while maintaining a proper pH balance. A stable rumen will produce more milk, more meat and improved margins.

Stop Stress
Before It Impacts Performance
Stress in any form hurts animal health, feed conversion and profit potential. Making sure your production animals' rumen and digestive tracts have a fighting chance can be the difference between profit and loss. The stress of calving, weaning, processing, shipping, diet changes and environment creates stress that impacts overall animal and herd performance. A direct result of stress is lower intakes of feed and water, which, in turn, significantly decrease the rumen fermentation processes and capacity.

During Times of High Stress

  • Comprehensive trials studying the effects of Zymace in cattle have shown:
  • Maintained animal productivity and performance.
  • Supplemental AO helped to maintain milk yield in lactating dairy cows.
  • Beef cattle showed maintained average daily gain (ADG),
  • Normal dry matter intake (DMI).

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