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24 / 7 Support Services

DSL provide 24 hour / 7 day support for all their control systems. Support is initially provided over the phone. All our engineers can connect remotely (from office or home) to our customers' systems via the internet. Due to the modular and configurable nature of our software, issues are normally diagnosed and fixed over the remote connection.

DSL's engineers are familiar with many different software packages to establish secure remote connections to suit a customer's needs and IT policy. Examples are Cisco VPN, Check Point, VNC, TeamViewer and RDP. You can click here to download  TeamViewer quick support access using the link above. You will need to quote the ID and password to DSL.

Out of office hours support line

Our office hours are 8:30 to 17:00 GMT. DSL's out of hours support line is permanently manned. When you ring you are identified by a caller group using the number you have dialled. This group then refers to a list of engineers names (4 per list - replacements are added to cover holiday). At the top of this list will be at least one engineer familiar with your plant. The operator will try to connect you to the engineer at the top and if not available will proceed down the list. If all engineers in the list are unavailable the operator will take your details and try to call the engineers 10 minutes later. If the engineers are still all unavailable then the support is further escalated and one of the DSL directors are contacted.


Your system will be under warranty for 12 months from the start of meaningful production. This includes 24 hour support. DSL Systems will pass on any manufacturer's warranties that go beyond this for any hardware supplied.

After 12 months, the customer may take out a software maintenance contract to provide 24 hour software support. Support will be conditional upon the customer providing a suitable means of connecting in remotely.


DSL can provide training, calibration, maintenance and mill utilisation study services.

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