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Throughout the world’s dairy and beef industries, the name ABS Global has become synonymous with performance. Our enviable reputation has been built by consistently providing the kind of superior genetics, related products, services and support that help our global customer grow and succeed.    ABS provides comprehensive breeding tools such as Genetic Management to help dairy producers optimize the genetic progress of a herd’s performance and profitability goals.

And beef programs, such as the unique progeny testing and process verification program, give registered breeders and commercial producers more information-greater flexibility-in choosing sires for their herds and marketing their cattle.   

ABS Representatives also provide liquid nitrogen and nitrogen refrigerator maintenance services, and can evaluate breeding programs. And each year, ABS-sponsored training seminars teach thousands of producers around the world the procedure of artificial insemination.   

Our representatives are specialists in heat synchronization, heat detection, semen handling, insemination techniques and the logistics of an A.I. program.   

Whatever it takes, whenever, it’s needed, you’ll find ABS working to help its customers succeed. ABS Representatives are available to answer questions and to develop a superior genetics program for your herd.   

Visit the ABS history page to learn more about the history of ABS and the products and services we offer dairy and beef producers around the globe.

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