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Adimix is a micro supplement product which comprises of the short chain fatty acid, butyric acid with exceptional properties to aid gastro intestinal tract. Unlike other butyric acid supplements, Adimix is entirely fat and water soluble, which makes it an easy additive to feed. In animals it causes increased cell metabolism hence promoting better results from feed provided. Adimix also works as an excellent acidifier of the GI tract, hence aiding digestion. Such improved feed conversion facilitates a much better yield. Adimix also curbs the growth of harmful gram negative microbes in animal digestive tracts. Along with these anti-cidal properties, it also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidia, this creates an enhanced immune system, and protects your cattle from possible infectious attacks.Ideal as a feed supplements for pigs, poultry, rabbits and ruminants, Adimix is available in two shelf forms.

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