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Producers or suppliers of crop protection and seeds like their products being used in the field properly and in the most sustainable way. Digital support can assist the advisor to give the customer the proper crop treatment advice at the right time. Modules are developed for both the grower and advisor.

Dacom provides online communication and advisory services to supplying-  and advice organizations globally with the aim to optimize the crop yield of the grower. Some benefits:

  • Exchange of crop observations and insight in crop recording of own growers
  • Intensive personal contact with the grower through digital communication
  • Growers can digitally transmit their orders
  • Development of own advisory service at field level
  • Opportunities to increase production levels, efficiency, quality and sustainability of connected growers
  • Digital sharing knowledge with your growers can distinguish your position in the market
  • Due to acces to the geographical crop rotation plan you have insight in the exact field locations of the grower

Since 2001, Syngenta Crop Protection provides a up-to-date and local spraying advice to growers for control of Phytophthora through the website

A grower enters his zip code and some crop data, such as the date of the last spraying, the breed, approximate foliage growth and the probability of a latent infection of seed potatoes. Based on the Dacom Phytophthora and Alternaria control model advice will be given to protect the crop now or to postpone the application. Also the best type of product to use is advised: a preventive product, a curative or a systemic product.

With Syngenta contributes to reducing the environmental impact and reduction of the dependency on fungicides.

Agrii is with several hundreds of field advisors one of the largest pesticide and fertilizer suppliers in the United Kingdom. For providing good growing advice to growers acces to current weather conditions, soil moisture status, and diseases is a necessity. Dacom develops and manages the online Agrii web service with:

  • Weather data from the weather station network Agrii
  • Current weather forecast
  • Actual local disease pressure for fungal diseases of various crops
  • Historical weather data
  • Soil moisture data from the Agrii soil moisture sensor network
  • Spray conditions

The Agrii advisors can access to the information both online and on their mobile.

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