Advisory Committees


DPR’s advisory committees:Members of the Agricultural Pest Control Advisory Committee represent agricultural pest control advisers, applicators and dealers, and pesticide makers. They advise the Department on all matters concerning licensing and certification, educational requirements, study materials and examinations to ensure that pest control is safely done by competent and responsible individuals and businesses.The Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) advises the Department on a wide range of regulatory issues, and plays a key role in evaluating and recommending recipients for pest management grants. Its membership is drawn from a number of stakeholder groups, including industry, academia, and public interest organizations.The Urban Pest Management Working Group (UPMWG) was established to identify issues and solutions associated with pesticide use in the state’s urban areas.

The Pesticide Registration and Evaluation Committee (PREC) brings together representatives of all public agencies whose activities or resources may be affected by the use of pesticides. The purpose of this interagency body is to advise DPR on regulatory development and reform initiatives.

The School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Advisory Group provides input to the department on implementing the Healthy Schools Act of 2000 through our programs to help school districts establish IPM policies and programs. Participants are from key school organizations and other interested groups including industry, academia, and public interest organizations.

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